Friday 6th September 2024

King's College London

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Interdisciplinary Aortic Dissection Symposium

The Interdisciplinary Aortic Dissection Symposium (IADS) is a platform for medical professionals to discuss the latest advancements and innovations in the diagnosis and treatment of aortic dissection.

This innovative one-day symposium is designed as a platform for internationally recognised experts to discuss contemporary topics related to the management of aortic dissection. It will aim to foster scientific and educational exchange amongst health care professionals interested in managing patients with aortic dissection.

The event stands out for its multidisciplinary approach, welcoming vascular and cardiothoracic surgeons, interventional radiologists, allied healthcare professionals, and trainee colleagues. Featuring not only talks by world-renowned experts, the symposium also includes information on upcoming trials, encourages debate and highlights real-life difficult to manage cases. 

The symposium brings together experts from various medical disciplines to share their knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to improve patient outcomes and create a better understanding of aortic dissection among the medical community.

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